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Technical requirements

The Linguacheck® test can only be conducted online.

Internet Explorer (8 or higher) or Firefox (15 or higher) is recommended. Other browsers may not display the test properly.

The browser must support JavaScript and flash animation.

To activate JavaScript, click on the menu bar on top, then click on Tools / Internet Options. On the Security tab, either set the default level, or choose custom level and then activate Scripting > Enable Active Scripting. Click OK to confirm.

To check if the Adobe Flash Player has been installed on your computer, please click here (Adobe Flash Player). The newest version can be downloaded from there.

Pop-up blocker
In order for the test to load, please deactivate your pop-up blocker temporarily. Click on Tools > Disable pop-up blocker.

Audio / Sound
A soundcard and a headset or speakers are required during the test.

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